June 13, 2009 Saturday, June 13, 2009

From Dial-up To Streamyx

Hi to my readers. I having my streamyx installed already. Facing some problem in the first few weeks but now everything is settle already. If you got problem with streamyx, just call 100. It is useless for you to go local TM branch talk to the noob at the counter. The line is smooth and I am downloading Prison Break Special Episode. :-)

May 29, 2009 Friday, May 29, 2009

Here I Am

I had back to sibu on tuesday on a delayed hlaf an hour Air Asia flight. I really had damn bad experience with AA. Not because of delayed flight but with luggage check-in. I nearly paid rm300 hundred for my luggages!!! Luckily i able to find solution for it.

I had continously picked up my gf for lunch on wed and thurs. Unfortunately my car or more exactly my sis's car broke down due to old problems. So i guess these few days onward i need to screw up in the house. Since the things are not on my way, i plan to format my laptop. Too messy :(
I just manage to meet my gf lunch time only cause her house is too far away from town.

Did i miss something? Yup. I didn't update for my Pulau Perhentian trip. It's a 3 days 2 nights trip. No worries, i won't blog a 3-days-2-nights long post instead i summarize it up with photos in my facebook. Here is the link--->P.Perhentian. XD

May 16, 2009 Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tiny Of Me

Today i got met up with STP, Daniel, Cibol, Jing, and another 2 which i not so sure about their blog address is. I'm late. Felt sorry for it. I didn't blame the public transport because i should went more earlier instead of just one hour earlier only. I don't no where the place is, Hotel Bintang Warisan. So, i took more than 15 minutes to search at bukit bintang there. Sad

Well, i think today blog post title should be something like Bloggers Meet or Sarawakian Blogger Meet (mostly from sarawak), but i think the tiny me would be more suitabe . Why?? Because i look so small physically. LOL. Crap. All are among same size.

I felt so tiny cause i get to know different kinds of people in different professions. Start from accountant, banker, engineer, insurance agent, in IT industry, teacher and to unemployment, that is me. I enjoy my status of unemployment. XD. I felt that i got so many things to learn from them. Another thing that make me feel tiny is the world or more excatly kl is so big until i can't find the Hotel. ==!!.

Anyway, I am heading to Pulau Perhentian for 3 days 2 nights trip with coursemates. That's the picture where i got from internet. Hopefully, it do not dissapointed me. XD

May 13, 2009 Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working And Playing

If there are any important task, I can pay 120% attention to it. No jokes. No fool. My objective is finish the task as fast as possible. I able to list out the problem and come out with solution and settle it. That's me.

If it is happy hours or something outside work, i can pay 120% attention to it too. Jokes, fools, laughing or jump up and down or out of manner. My mind have no boundary for it. That's why always hurt people when i was in excited state. That's me.

May 9, 2009 Saturday, May 09, 2009

How Far You Can See?

After next monday, i am unofficially graduate. Say bye to University Kuat Menunggu. They had prospone our persentation date. So its right to have such name. No objection.

Almost all of my coursemates are heavily submiting their resume to jobstreet.com or whatever carrier websites to wait calling for interview. Some able to get the jobs already, while some are still working hardly on it. As a third party i felt pity on them cause so fast have to join the working force. You know, once you start working, there are no retreat back. This thing help me recall back what Robert Kiyosaki said, 'rat race'. The main reason for them to act to fast is because of no money to use. I plan to have a relaxing month on June first and on the same time hunt for the job.

Elder always advice us to see far a bit. Don't narrow your foresight. Don't just see what happening in front of you. The more far you can think of, the more happiness your life would be. In this few weeks, i had kept on planning and re-planning my pathway of life. There are several options and its time for me to recall The Road Not Taken again.

For the mean time, i just can see and plan my life until age 30. I got no idea where to go beyond 30. My foresight to short? ==!!

P/S: This post dated 2 days ago cause i wrote it but haven't publish it. XD

May 8, 2009 Friday, May 08, 2009


I got something to say


Don't no how to be said out


To be written in the word

I need to finish the puzzles in my mind

Before i can interpret it